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I grew up in the Midlands in a lower middle class family not great in school but managed to get through that. My biggest thing was rugby and athletics breaking all the school records and representing Staffordshire in some of them shot discus javelin.

I started my life as chef cooking came easy to me it was just one of those things that I could do without much support and I enjoyed this for a time. The hotel changed hands so I was without a job. I worked in local factories for a while then as I was going no where so I joined the Army.

A grand adventure and see the world. Fantastic. The bit they left out was “see the world and help the indigenous population” whether they wanted help or not. I helped build schools houses bridges made river crossings dig holes for water and generally help in these countries.

After the Army I got married started to settle down but I always wanted to find something else. I studied and I was involved in many platforms from MLM to investing money in a financial help service. Guess what? There was always someone trying to rip you off. It would have been easy to pack everything in get a job and have the dog the pipe the slippers roses around a cottage door and be Mr Alright.

I liked to help people. I worked in financial services as a mortgage broker in debt management and although I made some money I never found that nitch where I was comfortable. Along the way I got divorced lost all my money all my hopes for a bright future.

At aged 59 I was told my eyesight was not good enough to drive I had a hearing problem I had a sight issue I was already diabetic and then I had to have a heart bypass. So pretty banged up.

Helping you

Not one to give up these illnesses’ made me investigate other treatments to alleviate them. I stumbled across essential oils. I thought they were there to make your room smell not for a practical application in health. There was lots to read about this oil and that oil its properties but no one really told you how to apply them to your body. So I started to educate myself and I can show you how you apply them how to use them safely and what they can or cannot do and to whom.

I speak from experience because I’m diabetic. Using oils and herbs has dramatically had a positive impact on my life so now I wish to help you with preventative applications that have been used for 000’s of years and it is well documented.

Herbs- Oils

The goal is “Prevention not Cure”

This site will help you by educating you on oils and their uses.

Oils can help alleviate symptoms such as arthritis and even cancer in some instances.

Just as many other commercial products cough medicine etc do not cure anything they only alleviate the symptoms.

This allows your body to try to repair itself or help it to recover but they do not cure.

I thought it was quite strange to find oils and their uses documented in nursery rhymes but this is how people communicated in those days.

Rhymes were easy to remember and pass on to others as reading was not wide spread so no newspapers and books were for the rich. The bible is a wealth of information on the subject. Then three kings who bought Gold Frankincense and Myrrh I thought it was just anther biblical story but Frankincense – is used in meditation as it induces a deepening and slowing down of breathing; a relaxing and calming oil. Myrrh – Famed as a cleanser and for fighting infection and for a range of respiratory difficulties. These were highly prized items in these days “Fit for a king” in fact as ancient Egyptian text tell us.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Steven M Hodgson



  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and found your story very inspiring. It always amazes me the way essential oils can help with ailments and improve your health both physically and mentally. It’s great to hear your diabetes has been helped with the use of oils 🙂

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