Carrier oils and their Benefits – Part Two – Coconut

Coconut Essential oil benefits

There are many types of coconut oil the two main ones are Virgin Coconut oil and Refined Coconut oil. The Virgin coconut oil is lighter and more expensive not so much of a coconut taste and richer in antioxidant polyphenols. Just like Almond oil so much tech jargon so if you really want to know these things go to pubmed.com where you can find out if you really want to know. The most popular and easiest to get is refined coconut oil from any drug store supermarkets stock it or it is very easy to get on the Internet at both eBay and Amazon. So to clear a point up about fats. Coconut oil contains a high proportion of Medium Chain Fatty Acids in the form of lauric acid. These fats have health benefits notably that they are unlikely to be stored in the body as fat and used more than a source of energy. So if you are working out or doing your exercise routine coconut oil will give you more energy during your workout. So one tablespoon of coconut oil consumed is enough per day per person. Coconut oil is always in a semi-solid state and can liquefy at room temperature. How do we use it? How do we store it? I’m glad you asked that question. I buy coconut oil in a jar. Then microwave it for about two minutes or until it is liquid. Then use a shallow rectangular aluminum tray you can buy (or if you get ready to cook food in) and pour the oil into the tray. Place it into the fridge to set. Then I mark it off into thirty pieces as this is about the right amount of oil per day. Then cut it up into the squares and put into a bag and keep in the fridge or leave in the tray. Ice cube trays work just as well if they are big enough. If you are a brave person then you can eat the square no problem. If you are like me and try to do this and gag then you have to use it another way. I tried smearing it on toast YUK!! So I used it to cook stir fry in success! I used it to melt into rice and eat success and I chopped it up and put it on cereal success. Place into smoothies success. Whizzed up and used in coffee success. It makes the coffee very creamy like Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee. You can add this make roasted potatoes for French fries add in mashed potatoes to cooking fish in a shallow fry just about anything and you can bake cakes with it but I personally haven’t tried this. The point here is that you don’t have to take it all at once so you can cut your piece up and use it during the day in many things if you wish.

Coconut oil essential balance for your Skin.

You can use coconut essential oil than a natural stand alone skin moisturizer.

If you have tattoos this will make the tattoo and their colors more prominent and stand out.

Coconut oil helps fight the aging process in your skin and is also good for acne fungal infections.

Infections like athletes’ foot personal itching ringworm corns and calluses.

Viral skin infections like herpes shingles and other sores all respond to coconut essential oil. It is the easiest available remedy for any kind of skin infection because it is a strong anti fungal and anti bacterial.

So all you survivalist people take note easy to carry in a small jar in your med kit or any med kit actually. You can apply to cuts and abrasions too.

Eczema can also be treated with this essential oil as it acts like an emollient and provides nutrition to skin cells and keeps Eczema in check. It is also helpful in Psoriasis. Although this is an immune related disorder coconut essential oil eases off itching and scaling dissolves dead skin cells and helps promote the skin to recover.

More Essential Oil Balancers

It fights Inflammation boosts Immunity helps to prevent Bone Loss (Osteoporosis Risk).

It may help with Alzheimer’s

With Candida apply directly to infected areas

It is a good fat burner because it encourages all other fats to be used and expelled from the body and can help keep your Hormones balanced

It supports your digestive system and is a blood sugar stabilizer and diabetes preventer helping balance Cholesterol levels and fights Heart disease.

It can help your pets too. A teaspoon or two in their food works wonders even if they aren’t ill.

Other uses


We may have mentioned some of these but than a skin moisturizer mixed with our other carrier essential oil Almond oil as they complement each other.

A wrinkle reducer again mix 1:1 ratio with Almond essential oil.

A make up remover mix with Almond essential oil.

It locks in the moisture after a shower use with almond essential oil for fantastic results.

Put in the bath with almond essential oil or in the sauna or hot tub.

Use than a lip balm when you need it. Better than Vaseline than a balm if speaking publicly or a DJ or even if you are making a video. Singers take note!

A good useful personal lube but it doesn’t like latex and destroys it as it is used so beware!!

It can be used for baby rash guard along with almond essential oil and also with almond oil than a stretch mark reducer.

A scrub using coconut essential oil almond essential oil ground coffee beans or after use coffee grounds and sugar Twice a week for a clear complexion.

Hair detangler rub between your hands and massage into wet hair comb hair out it dries and you have a nice shine too.


Coconut Flour

You can find organic coconut flour to use by making and baking your own bread just substitute the flour with coconut flour. Remember that coconut flour is high in fiber so you will need to add more liquid or less flour. The Internet is alive with recipes so take your pick. You can make cakes brownies anything you like with this flour. It is also gluten free and nut free so you can use this for people who are sensitive to nuts and gluten. To be really honest with you I have a gluten free diet and I’m not allergic or sensitive to these things but wow things taste much better now. When you buy this as always check the label some suppliers like to add fill ins like sugar so not good to buy.




Coconut essential oil as you have found out is a very versatile product. In some cultures the coconut tree is known as the “tree of life”. It aids in major health benefits a positive action to your metabolism a prebiotic helping prevent constipation great for regulating blood sugar so good for diabetics and for weight control. It helps control cholesterol levels a rich source of fiber boosting heart health.


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