Carrier oils and their benefits

Part one: Sweet Almond Essential Oil Benefits


There are many types but the two main types are Bitter Almond oil and Sweet Almond Oil

The difference is that Bitter Almonds will kill you and Sweet Almonds won’t. I don’t believe you need to know any more than that as I don’t want to bore you with chemical process’ etc etc. Needless to say we will be talking about using Sweet Almond Essential Oil benefits.

Sweet Almond Oil is carrier oil for mixing other oils so that you get the enhanced benefit of the carrier oil as well as the other oils you mix in it to produce some amazing results for you body internally and externally.

So what about its self what can it do without other oils? What are its properties?

Sweet Almond Oil Skin Benefits


Almond oil (we will refer to it as this now) is known as one of the best oils for skin and hair. Its nutrients make it a great standalone oil and as a cosmetic ingredient that you may have come across in various guises in the beauty industry. In Unani system of medicine it has a massive reputation as medicinal oil without side effects

One of the best benefits is being a hypoallergenic oil its safe for all skin types including babies. To obtain the best from this oil it needs to be warmed first as absorption through the skin is really good so after a shower take advantage of body temperature and capturing moisture for your skin. If you rub it in your hands and apply to your skin this does the same thing remembering a little goes a long way.

If you have acne or spots as many teenagers do then warm up four tablespoons of Almond oil put one tablespoon sugar in this stir well in and you create a natural facial scrub. Use a cotton ball to gently rub in using a circular motion and let soak into the skin. Wash off any debris on the face after about a minute. It works because of its Vitamin A content it is safe to use on sensitive skin as well.

It is safe to use over a long period as long as your lifetime in act because of its antoxidative properties it protects against UV radiation and can prevent this damage and slow down effects after this has happened.

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Use this and the puffiness is history and the darkness goes after a few weeks of treatment. Take note gentlemen. You may even notice that your eyes feel better because of the rejuvenate benefits of this oil. Do not worry if you have more waste from your eyes as this is natural. Use two drops on a cotton ball and wipe carefully under the eyes.

If you are not too vain as a man and almost certainly for women who are never vain about their skin condition you can use this as a facial scrub as described wash off after two minutes and then apply the oil to your face via warming up and work into your skin. This can delay any signs of aging and of course you can use this all over your body too. It also works as makeup remover is gentler and much better to use so no more washing off makeup and making a mess or using makeup remover that damages the skin.

If you suffer from psoriasis/eczema this is excellent oil for treating the skin and relieves inflammation redness and itchiness also to treat spider veins and varicose veins. This oil is also good for stretch marks and scars. Almond oil can speed up the healing process by encouraging the collagen to come to the surface of the camber of the scar thus filling it out and leaving less unsightly

Sweet Almond Oil Hair Benefits

Out in the sun? Run this oil through your hair as a conditioner substitute and protect your scalp as well and if you suffer from the dreaded dandruff it becomes history too when using this oil. Hot oil treatment using Almond oil by warming the oil and massage this into your scalp. Cover with a shower cap or swimming cap leaving for two to three hours and then wash as normal using cool water. This will provide deep conditioning to your hair and scalp and has been known to induce hair growth. You can do this once a week if you wish so if you are having a soak in the bath reading your favorite book….

Sweet Almond Oil Health Benefits

If indigested it reduces inflammation in the gut. Most research I have done concludes that most aliments are from inflammation and this starts in the gut. It is a mild laxative not as harsh as chemical ones or tablets and certainly better than castor oil.

It is known as am immune booster too so it affects you through the skin and internally so it is good to take for internal use like many other essential oils. It is also an aid to the liver eliminating toxins and helps with hemorrhoids. It is a mild pain reliever helps wounds heal faster cuts and grazes and minor injuries. If you twist your ankle it is good to reduce the inflammation of the tendon. If you are in training it soothes stressed and sore muscles. If you have had injury it will help with inflammation aiding faster recovery. It is wise to use this on your muscles before exercise too as if you over stress it will start to help recovery straight away. This is great for athlete’s runners and cyclists in training too.

Known for its relief of ear pain it’s used to help soften earwax and relieve blockages within the ventilation tubes of the ear. Unlike many other earwax softeners it is safe for the ear even if there are microscopic cuts inside it will not infect them. To do this warm a tablespoon in hot water place two to three drops of oil in the spoon and drop it into the affected ear allowing the warm oil to pass down the ear canal.

It is great for a massage or ten drops in a steam bath or sauna water as you drop it over the hot rocks or even in a hot tub.

Sweet Almonds as Food Benefits

Almonds themselves to eat contain both good and bad fat. It inhibits the receptors to say you are full so you may put on weight if you eat too much. The typical person believes they are hungry so this is the check I do and maybe you can do too. Are you hungry? Is your stomach telling you this or as I believe its your mouth that is hungry? This is like packing up smoking. You may not want a cigarette but you want a nicotine boost and this is what you want to stop nicotine addiction. This is the same with eating. Your mouth wants you to eat not your stomach. That’s why we get bloated with food. It is better to drink water than to eat. Your mouth soon gets fed up with this along with your brain so you don’t feel the urge to eat anymore. Strange fact every time you pee there’s 4% fat in it so pee more!!

Mix Almond Oil into a protein drink or smoothie vegetable or fruit. Drizzle it on salads or vegetables. You can cook with the oil as it smokes at 430 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s safe to use in stir fries French fries or to cook in general. Try dribbling it over your breakfast cereal or cooking your bacon with just a few drops added. Mix it with honey and put it in your tea or coffee.

REMEMBER! People with NUT ALLERGIES this will not be appropriate for you to use unless you do a test patch and you are satisfied it will not affect you.


As a standalone oil Sweet Almond Essential Oil has many benefits to your health overall. If you cannot use any other oil because of sensitivity then this is the oil you can use for most everything. Try to imagine where this will take you when you mix this with other oils and the amazing benefits your body will get from its use. It benefits you Internally it benefits your skin you can use it on food to cook food. Hell you can just take it every day to make your body good



Uani – a system of medicine practiced in parts of India thought to derive via historical Muslim physicians who learned this from Byzantine Greece. It is also sometimes contrasted with the Ayurvedic system



  1. Wow, there are some great benefits from almond oil.  I am going to try the mask for puffy eyes.  Sounds soothing.  I still use the sugar mixed in right?  And where and what type of almond oil is the best to get?  You should really put a link for the almond oil on your post to make it easy for us 🙂  Great information and I am looking forward to giving this a try.  Thanks and have book marked your site.

    • No you don’t have to use use sugar under your eyes. It won’t really help as you don’t need an abrasior as a scrub. Its a night and morning application so the oil rejuvenates your skin. I don’t really want to endorse a particular brand but you can get any off Amazon or e bay it’s quite cheap as long as you get Sweet Almond Oil and its organic

  2. Interesting post this is and surely one that benefits me. I have been battling with dandruff for sometimes now and reading about this oil as a perfect remedy and treatment to dandruff is a great turn on for me. Though it, having multiple functions is also good but I’m particular about the dandruff. It surely would be worthy to test out. Thanks

    • Say goodbye to “Head & Shoulders” shampoo. I will include a natural shampoo you can use in later editions so you can watch for this as this may help too.

  3. I was searching for natural oil preparations I can use in massaging my scalp to encourage the growth of hair as I am suffering from premature baldness when I stumbled upon this article. In the middle of the article, it said that it can give good hair health benefits. My question is if I continue using this sweet almond oil for a year, do you think I will have the chance of regrowing my thinning hair?

    • I have no research on this because everyone is different. If it works for you then thats great. I will do research now that you have asked so watch this space.

  4. Why would anyone even go for the Bitter Almond Oil? I like the normal almond oil, I assume this is the sweet one as it doesn’t have a bitter taste.

    I use almond oil mostly for my hair and the results are amazing. My hair always looks ‘healthy’. Just recently started using it on my face…will come back with the testimony on how it has worked.

    I want to try cooking with almond oil as you have suggested. I hope it doesn’t have a taste that might spoil the food.

    Thanks for this interesting article.

    • No idea why they would. I had to let everyone know so there was no mistake on what the article was about. I don@t believe it leaves an after taste it does crisp the french fries and they do taste better

  5. Wow I didn’t know that almond oil can reduce dark circles around my eye! Been having that for 2 years now and no medicine seems to work, even when I sleep a lot, it’s still there and it kept me wondering why. I have a feeling that my dark circles might be due to my age or lineage, can’t wait to wipe it off with almond oil! How often would you advise me to wipe it on my dark circles though?

    • I would use it and use the process every day. The benefits are amazing wait until someone comments on you soft glowing skin how young you look too.

  6. Hello

    Thanks for posting. I did not know about all the benefits of Sweet Almond Oil. Extremely many health problems are addressed, both internally and externally. I’m not allergic, so I can use it with confidence. Especially for skin and hair. With an age I understand that this oil will help me.

    best regards


    • I can only say be prepared to be amazed. There is more to come if you are interested.

  7. Hi! I have been reading since many years ago about the skin benefits sweet almond oil has in-stored for us. And your post has reinforced many of these points. I’m eager to set up a routine using sweet almond oil. I want to use this natural facial scrub you have recommended. But I wanted to ask why adding one tablespoon of sugar is required? Could it be omitted or substituted? Thanks in advance.

    • The sugar is the softest abrasive product so it takes away dead skin cells and clears the pores on your skin. Thats why you wash it off after and reapply more natural oil. Omitting the sugar does not make it a scrub so it won’t work as intended. The oil is good for razor burn too.

  8. I think I’m gonna try the facial scrub later. I never run out of Sweet almond oil at home. Primarily, I use it as a carrier oil. Among sweet almond, olive, coconut and grape seed oils, I always tend to use Sweet almond because it’s not greasy nor heavy on the skin. 

    My daughter likes the massage oil I made for the family. It’s a combination of lemon, frankincense, lavender, peppermint and lemongrass. Of course I used sweet almond as carrier because it doesn’t have an overpowering smell like coconut. 

    Thank you for sharing ideas in how to use the sweet almond. I haven’t done much concoction and diffusion lately. Since you gave me an idea, I’m thinking of making a body scrub out of coffee granules, cocoa,sugar and sweet almond instead of olive. Have a nice day! 

  9. Every now and then you come across an article that just keeps on giving. Well, this is one. I’m an advocate for almonds in general as being a vegetarian they are a useful addition dietary wise. I knew they were good for you when you were trying to lose weight but I had no idea how much good they could do elsewhere. I’ve used ‘neutral oils before now when trying to create ‘smells’ on those burner dishes, adding a few drops of lavender. I’ve not thought of using almond oil, would it work ? One aspect that I will be looking into is the application for your eyes. Habitually I never get more than six hours a night regardless of what time Ii go to bed, as a result I have those dark patches beneath my eyes, so this could be a solution. Now, knowing of the added health benefits for the body in general, I will be looking to add this to my daily regime.

    • Yes the oil will work on a burner dish. However i recommend a wax burner that is electric and the wax continues to be heated you just need to add oil every six hours or so for the benefits. The other way is a diffuser or you can place this on cotton balls five drops and put behind a radiator so the oil is defused. You can replace your almonds with the oi if you put it in a smoothie or you can add this to tea as well or just water mix and drink.

      Thank you also for your comments and compliments very much appreciated.

  10. I love Almond oil! It not only smells amazing (like cherries to me!), it has wonderful nourishing benefits, like you stated.

    I recently started incorporating more almonds into my diet and beauty regimen and I seen a major improvement in the quality of my hair and skin! 

    I have always drank almond milk, but recently started making it on my own with almonds and dates and wow– it is delicious and not unnecessary packaging needed!

    I didn’t realize that your body doesn’t feel full of them after consumption though! I will have to keep that in mind because I am trying to shed some weight and I tend to over-do it with nuts!

    Thanks so much for sharing,


    • Congratulations you are the first to comment on the oil when burned to smell like cherries! It does to most people. Thats a very interesting smoothie you drink I will try it out and comment on this later if i may. Your post endorses this post beautifully thank you. 

  11. I never knew so many uses exist for almond oil! Mostly because here in South Africa it is not a common nut to find. I’ve mostly heard how almond oil is used in cooking recipes. So I’m wondering, can that same oil be used for health treatment?

    My mother tends to a dear old lady who regularly itches, do you think it may work for her developing skin condition?

    I will definitely look out for it the next time I buy groceries. Thanks for the info!

    • Hi this oil is easily sourced on the internet trough Amazon or E Bay.

      It is an oil for health treatment it may stop the I hing but this depends on what started it in the first place. I’m not a doctor so I can’t endorse any product but this should relieve the itchiness.

  12. Hello there!

    Thanks for the post. Almond oil is beneficial for health I knew that. But it has such many benefits that I just known from you. Good to know about the sweet almond oil that it has so many good effects on our skin. I liked the benefit that it is the best benefits is being a hypoallergenic oil its safe for all skin types including babies as you said. Moreover this is amazing that it can reduce dark circles around the eye which is much needed for me as I have this problem. Thanks again for sharing such kind of informative article.

    • You are very welcome the benefits with just this one oil are absolutely amazing. If you mix it with other oils that you will get to know about you will be even more amazed. These are called target oils and will feature later.

  13. Hi,
    I have read many articles about the benefits of sweet almond oil.But in this article,u have clearly describe the benefits of this oil for skin and hair.Love to hear that when mixing with other oil,the sweet almond oil enhances its benefit and as well as other oil also.It is really interesting that being a carrier oil it ensures that the users can get all the benefits.I have a problem of acne scars ,so I am definitely going to use your solution.I have also some hair problems including dandruff.So I will definitely do the hot oil massage therapy.It will also help to boost up the immunity system.So it will be beneficial for all.

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